Films For Changes’ Ban Single Use Plastic Project

The UN has described the situation of plastic in the ocean as ‘a planetary crisis’.

10% of whales and dolphins, 50% of sea turtles and 90% of sea birds have ingested plastic. We have invaded the homes of these innocent beings with this toxic, dangerous material.

Single use plastic is one of the main sources of plastic pollution. Things like bags, cups, straws and cutlery are used once, usually just for a few seconds and then thrown away, yet there is absolutely no need for us to continue to use these items. There are a multitude of compostible alternatives that have been developed. Only human ignorance and/or apathy is perpetuating this problem.

Its time to end the production and use of these dangerous items, and Films For Change is campaigning to ban single use plastic in NSW and VIC. We are holding regular ongoing free plastic education events, featuring powerful films on the topic and talks, as well as collecting signatures for ongoing petitions.

Since 2017, Films For Change has held more than eighty free entry plastic education events featuring films including A Plastic Ocean, Albatross and Blue. We’ve educated more than seven thousand people on this urgent issue, and had over one hundred and fifty volunteers involved to make this happen.

Education is not about band aid solutions, lobbying or ‘mopping up the mess’, its about turning off the tap at the source of the problem – which is human culture, habit and consumer choice. We can’t wait for governments and corporations to change, we need consumer driven change.

Check out the info about our campaigns for positive change in following states:

VICTORIA (details coming soon)

Turtle eating plastic bag ©Paulo Oliveira