Want to help bring on the change? 🙂
Volunteer involvement is a big part of what makes Films For Change function!

Q: If I become a volunteer, do I have to make regular commitment?

No, its perfectly fine to just do a one-off event

Q: Do I get to watch the film?
It depends on which event.
For our free entry events, we have a lot to do during the film to organise our fund raising activies (to help cover the costs of putting on the event), so volunteers are required to do stuff during the film such as making bliss balls or helping set up our eco-product stall.
For our ticketed events, volunteers get to watch the film, as the only duties required are during the pre-film check in.

Q: Whats involved and do I need training?
Time involved ranges from 45 mins to 3 hours, depending on the kind of event and the length of the film etc. Its simple stuff like setting up chairs and tables, checking tickets, serving chocolate and packing up. Instructions will be provided prior to the event and on the night.

Q: How do I get involved?
We have a very modern way of announcing our volunteer opportunities, using a group on facebook messenger. This is currently the only way to hear about our volunteer opportunies and sign on as a volunteer. If you’d like to become a volunteer, simply contact our volunteer coordinators – Jessica, Deb and Kate – via our dedicated volunteering inbox via this link >> m.me/102912114451429

Q: What if I don’t use facebook, can I still volunteer?
Its essential to have the ‘messenger’ app to be a volunteer because thats our choice of platform, we don’t use email or phone to communicate with our volunteer team.  You don’t need to be a facebook user to use ‘messenger’, you can still link up with our volunteer group just by installing the ‘messenger’ app on your smartphone. It doesn’t require a faceook account. Read these instructions for how to do this and then once you’ve installed the app just look up ‘Kym Staton’ and send him a message as above.

Thanks for your passion for change-making, we look forward to your involvement!

One of our Sydney teams at a ‘Blue’ event, doing a ‘wave of change’

Be prepared to get your hands dirty, volunteering often involves preparing simple, food like raw vegan desserts (instructions provided) 🙂